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Re: Motor Plates

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25 years ago I used T-651 aluminum elephant ears from Ed Hamburger
Racing.  I put a 400 horse 440 into my 65 Belvedere II, bolted solid,
with a rubber trans mount.  Drove the hell out of it for two years before
I sold it and joined the service.  Two subsequent owners beat it
unmerciful, like an ornery old plow horse.  The car lost a high speed
collision with an oak tree, and the elephant ears still held on.

On the fun side, it was cool to watch the headlights bounce at idle, and
no car I ever owned would pick the fender up like that when I nailed it!

These were two pieces.  Don't forget to have the water pump housing
milled on the backside for the thickness of the ears, plus one gasket,
since you will now be using two.

Sean Bolter

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