1964 Dodge 440 Sedan (Update since late 2006)
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1964 Dodge 440 Sedan (Update since late 2006)

Hello everyone!

I'd like to update my situation on the 1964 Dodge 440
that was believed to be a Max Wedge car. 

After speaking with Ron Mancini, and most recently,
his partner on the car, Tom Tignanelli, I have come to
the conclusion that Ron Mancini is a jerk. (I could
use another word or two, but I won't.) Mancini stated
to me that he bought the car and Tom came in later as
a partner. The truth is, it was the opposite. Tom T.
told me certain details about the car that Mancini
couldn't, Such as where it was purchased from. 

Yes, The VIN tag was removed and then replaced with a
Polara VIN. Tignanelli never knew the VIN was removed,
Neither did the many Chrysler racing engineers that
worked on the car. Mancini bought out Tig's part of
the car and then sold it to Kenny Lau VIN-less. Kenny
wanted to take the car to Canada for a points race, So
to cross the border, he got a VIN from a junked Polara
and titled it. This VIN remains with the car. Everyone
I have spoken with that knows Mancini is clueless as
to why he removed the VIN. Mancini won't tell me where
the tag is or why he did it for that matter. All he
said was that it wasn't important. THE CAR IS

The Max Wedge claim came from Ken Lau's mechanic.
Mancini told me it was a 318 car, Tignanelli backed
this up as did a few former Chrysler employees that
remembered the car. 

The car will be undergoing a restoration within the
next couple of years. It will be returned to the "Lau
Raider" colors. Yeah, It did win it's class at Indy
with Mancini and gained more notoriety with Mancini.
But after what I've gone through with him, My Family
and I as well as all the Chrysler Racing engineers who
knew/worked on the car have all agreed NOT to return
it to the Mancini colors or lettering for that matter.

Finally, I would like to thank those that helped me
out way back when this went on. I learned a ton of
information from you guys. 

Thank you very much!


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