Wheel studs
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Wheel studs

I bought some Ansen Sprint wheels to put on my car.  They come w/ the 
acorn style lug nuts.  The previous owner changed all of the wheel studs 
on the car and installed some that are @ 3" long.  So they are way too 
long to work with the new wheels.  I tried a couple of places including 
the one in Omaha that usually has everything.  Couldn't find anything to 
The main problem was getting one with correct diameter of the knurled 
portion so it would fit in the hub.  Everything they had was either too 
big, too small, or discontinued.  For the record the knurled portion of 
the one listed in the catalog for my application was too small.  It may 
be that the previous owner drilled them out to accept the different 
Anyway what I need are studs that are 1/2"-20, w/ a knurled dia. of @ 
.640 and @1 3/4" - 2" long.  Any one got any ideas?  I thought about 
cutting them all down to the proper length but I think they are grade 8 
bolts and I'd spend more in hacksaw blades than I did for the wheels.  
Not to mention the orthopedic surgery on my shoulder.

Paul L.
'63 Sport Fury

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