Re: Piston to valve clearance.
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Re: Piston to valve clearance.

 Thank you Mike.. good information,  even a slow dude like me can
  I always used that method on my Chebby engines.  However this is my
first big nlock Mopar, and with switching heads around --I don't have
enough experiebce. Hence , all the questions. Anyway with all the
help, I am enjoying learning new
stuff. .....................................MO

On Dec 6, 7:09 am, Mike & Deb <mdlefe...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The simplest way to measure piston to valve clearance is to place a 1/4" thick strip of modeling clay across the top of the piston placed where the valves are closest to the piston. Temporarily assemble head to block with gasket (you could install a used gasket or, if new is all that's availible-just snug head bolts lightly so it can be used in final assembly-adjust measurement to account for compressed thickness ) and install valve train for the clayed cylinder. Rotate the crankshaft slowly through one revolution-stop if you feel any resistance. Now dissemble and check clay thickness at valve imprints. Slice with razor blade at thinnest area and measure. Make sure you allow for final gasket thickness. If you are using new, dry hydralic lifters they won't give full cam lobe lift but could if you have adjustable rockers or pushrods to eliminate all clearance in valve train. Solid lifters get around this problem.
> Now with all this being said I don"t think your .484 lift cam will cause any clearance issues. I run the .509 cam in 440 10:1 motors with no issues. Have fun!
> Mike LeFevre

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