Friday puzzlers 8-22-2014
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Friday puzzlers 8-22-2014

Happy Friday all,

Below are links to ads in which I found at least one thing puzzlingly interesting, ironic  or funny in the description or the photos. See the note in brackets quoting the ad or {my comments}.

Gary H.

1962 Plymouth Fury 2dr 383 Max Wedge Belvedere, Savoy - $5995
{quite a combination!}

SUPER RARE! MAX WEDGE 1962 Plymouth Fury - Factory Race Car - $12000
(1 of none}

["Has original Paint/ Patina"]

'64 Plymouth Fury Drag Car - $16500
["I have gotten more into tournament fishing and am getting out of racing."]

1965 &'64 Plymouth barracudas' - $4800
{The 1965 is really a 1966.}

1964 Plymouth Fury Muscle Car - $12500
["this a 50 year old muscle car with a 318 wedge"]
1964 Plymouth Fury Convertible $16500
["with like NEW bias ply narrow white walls give it that COOL 70s Look."] 

1964 Plymouth Fury III - $350 obo
["She hasnt ran in a decade... i have to move in two weeks so if its not gone by then, she will be junked forever."] {Really it's a 1965. Florida members: Save it.} 

1964 Plymouth Barracuda $7500
["The first pony car! Has the 225 slant six"]

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury car and parts
{Somewhere in the photo is the Sport Fury.}

1964 Plymouth sport fury 4spd big block car
["originally 413 max wedge car"]

64 Plymouth Fury ll - $3500
["I know this car is worth 10,000 or better, I am willing to let her go for 3500"]

1964 Plymouth valiant Signet Nice Project! - $3000
["car has been sitting up for a while some parts where stolen such as the radiator, spark plugs wires, it's was running fine when parked a few years ago,"]

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