Poly update 9-7-2014
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Poly update 9-7-2014

Hi all,

I'm posting this for Roland. He is now a member of the 62-65 Mopar mail list and will himself post future updates. 

Gary H.

>  >  -------Original Message-------
>  >  From: Roland Osborne 
>  >  To briefly recap, Tuesday we hit the ground running, porting and
>  >  ‘cleaning’ 15 manifolds, prepped and ready for the wheelabrator
>  >  (shot peen)… (Javier did a 4 year porting apprenticeship with Joe
>  >  Mondello!)…
>  >  
>  >  Wednesday was my birthday and we finished off the 15 and shipped to
>  >  wheelabrator then went to the beach for dinner…
>  >  
>  >  Thursday we loaded 16 manifolds back from wheelabrator, had breakfast with
>  >  Marty and then headed to ‘the Valley’ to the machine
>  >  shop… We’ve really hit a home run guys… Javier is
>  >  ‘the king’ in this industry with customers like Enderle,
>  >  Donovan, Stage V, Shelby, Arias, Chrysler Power, BDS and on and on…
>  >  The machine shop was doing Arias and Donovan Hemi heads when we pulled
>  >  up… From there we went by our old NHOA first warehouse shop in Reseda
>  >  and did videos of our corner where The Balance Shop, Hogans Heads, Jim
>  >  Shewbert/Ed Pink all started life with us… See them (like and share)
>  >  on our Chrysler Power fb page… Then we sat in traffic on the way
>  >  back;o(… Schlepping parts to the machine shop 35 miles away is a full
>  >  day project!…
>  >  
>  >  Yesterday we took my primary laptop to the Geek Squad to save from total
>  >  crash-the entire next issue of the magazine is on there… We shopped
>  >  shipping boxes for the manifolds and valve covers and finally got the best
>  >  service from our local Staples (same parking lot as Best Buy)… we
>  >  ordered 50 boxes and enough bubble wrap to wrap Marty’s BFG HemiCuda
>  >  5 times!  From there we went to the bolt place and got a supply of bolts
>  >  for the first 20 manifolds-we finally settled on a black anodized/oiled
>  >  socket head-much like the ARP we REALLY like and also ordered hex stock
>  >  which will have to go with the bolt kit… We’ll cut the hex
>  >  stock to length so the manifold installer will have everything he needs to
>  >  successfully install the manifold… for as most of us know, the water
>  >  passages on the first 15 don’t allow much room for a drive socket let
>  >  alone the bolt… The hex stock WILL fit as its smaller than the bolt
>  >  and can be driven by a simple six point 7/16-3/8 socket… Even with
>  >  the new improved water passages I believe that this install system will
>  >  continue to be ideal… Also ordered a batch of intake and valve cover
>  >  gaskets from Rocky as these guys MUST use our gaskets and bolts to be
>  >  successful…
>  >  
>  >  After all our shopping, Javier and I played with the valve cover
>  >  install… Those rubber gaskets suck and while a lot more expensive,
>  >  the cork composite gaskets are the ticket… I also believe we should
>  >  provide a stud kit for the valve covers for easy install-the covers are
>  >  taller so the stock bolts won’t work and trying to find the hole
>  >  while holding the cover with gasket in place is rather frustrating… I
>  >  also think we need a third (center) hole drill and tap kit with
>  >  instructions…
>  >  
>  >  And the coup de gras was when the machine shop guy (very sharp) asked if
>  >  we’d installed any of these manifolds and I said I guess I
>  >  din’t think so and Javier confirmed that no one has installed one on
>  >  a motor that has head gaskets and with our intake gaskets… I thought
>  >  this sure is a Rube Goldberg operation… so before the machine shop
>  >  final machines the 16 we delivered, we’ve got to make a day trip back
>  >  to the Vallery, pick up the only other finished sample-(Gary has the first
>  >  one)-also the completed valve cover samples, and install them on the motor
>  >  Javier has here after we install a set of head gaskets… Then
>  >  we’ll know most assuredly we’ve got a product of the highest
>  >  caliber!!!
>  >  
>  >  And Bruce, bless his heart, has rallied to get a running Poly motor and
>  >  install a manifold on it to verify that it not only fits, but it RUNS and
>  >  
>  >  Its Saturday morning at 7:30 and the foundry is pouring 7 more manifolds,
>  >  12 of the huge Enderle top fuel bird (pterodactyl) catchers, 4 of
>  >  Dave’s new Hemi blocks and more!!!
>  >  
>  >  Stay tuned! More to come!
>  >  
>  >  We’re planning a ‘coming out’ party in about 2 weeks for
>  >  anyone who would like to join us in CA…
>  >  
>  >  Thanks,
>  >  
>  >  Roland

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