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Re: Paralyzed Push Buttons


I recommend that you remove the transmission oil pan and have a look at the shifter mechanism that the cable attaches to.

It looks like a Rooster comb and as the cable pushes in and out, the rooster comb rotates.

Loosen the cable totally and have someone push the neutral button and hold it.  Then adjust the cable until the main point on the rooster comb is sitting on the end of the neutral starting switch.  Insert the screw to hold the adjuster wheel there and then have your assistant press each button to see if the rooster comb goes through all the gears.  Reverse is at one end of the travel and first is at the other end. 

The cable only moves a small amount in each direction and a total of about 1/2".  Incorrect adjustments can lead to jammed buttons.

Good luck.



On Tuesday, 23 September 2014 06:46:22 UTC-4, carv...@xxxxxxx wrote:
I'm looking for opinions.
I got my Fury about a year ago and it came to me in desperate need of a transmission rebuild. (727 ) . Getting it rebuilt was one of my first efforts. I had it done by a local shop who seemed fairly competent and honest. Most of the issues they had were from just not being familiar with the old torqueflite, but they managed. 
The car is a very original, 383 4bbl, all stock. I discovered early on that someone had Jimmied up the carb (original AFB)  so the 4 barrel wouldn't open. I gently tried to get all that back in shape, and I also found that the throttle cable was moved to not allow Wide Open Throttle. SO I fixed that.Now, when I push the loud pedal she really squirts!! Now.... for the push buttons. Only Reverse, Neutral and Drive work. I have been under the car and played with the adjustment on the cable. I actually got it where nothing would work. We went in small increments all the way from end to end settling back where we started (about mid way). Still no function from first or second button. They will depress part way and eject whatever button is pushed in, but won't push in all the way or stay in. I have not pulled the cable all the way out of the case yet as I don't have a lift, but it seems to be jamming at the push button mechanism. Maybe another attempt to keep someone from Hot Rodding like the carb and throttle cable?? Any suggestions? It may be a while before I can try any fixes, I'm a big old guy and can't get under the dash without pulling the seat, so I would like a plan first. Thanks in advance for your input.


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