Friday Puzzlers 10-10-2014
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Friday Puzzlers 10-10-2014

Happy Friday all,

Below are links to ads in which I found at least one thing puzzlingly interesting, ironic  or funny in the description or the photos. See the note in brackets quoting the ad or {my comments}.

Gary H.

1963 Plymouth Fury Convertible $1800
["Has Rust in floors, quarters, & trunk. No engine or trans, or front sups. it's a builder."] {With lots of determination, a builder. Otherwise, a parts car.}

Plymouth Fury convertible 1963 - $2500
["come with a lot of spare parts"] {I should bring them?}

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury - $31500
["Golden Commando Clone. New complete Koeffel motor Less than 4 miles"] {Built to flip?}

1963 Plymouth Fury Convertible - $27995
["...a very nice original conditoin [sic] example of Virgil Exner's legacy, a 1963 Fury Convertible representing the top-of-the-line."] {Top? Nope, it's not a Sport Fury.}

1963 dodge 880 2 door h/t project, clean title - $3900
["not sure of motor size guy said it did run i didnt try"]

1963 Dodge - $3500
["I am the third owner of the car since '63. Both previous owners were in fact little old ladies who took it to the supermarket and church."]  {The ladies were from Pasadena?}

1963 Dodge 880 - $4995
["I bought this for my kid but I jumped the gun a little. He doesn't even have his permit yet and I don't want it sitting around this winter...."]

1963 Dodge Polara 2dr HT
["You could have this car running with new engine in a weekend."] {A weekend with a little help from friends....} 
63 Dodge Rat Rod/Unfinished Custom - $14000
["shortened 3 ft..SBC"] {?!}

63 Dodge Parker - $1200
{It's a special model for teenagers apparently.}

1963 dodge 330 - $2300
["Flant 6"] {No photos}

1963 Dodge 330 - $4000
["Included in the photos is a few photos of what it could look like in time for spring & one just for the imagination."] { time / cash}

Over 35 Years stored 68K mile 1963 Dodge CONVERTABLE 383 - $22500
["reserve right to refuse to sell car to anyone who will trash or drag race car."] {Ad version 1}

Very Rare 1963 Dodge Polara Convertable 383 - $22500
{Ad version 2}

{Ad version 3}

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