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RE: 1963 Plymouth Fury Convertible fs

I agree Gary, that 62 Dart was a steal. In fact I'd say they were all a bargain. I wonder how many were bought up by flippers and wind up on eBay or Craigslist for double the price.

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I think the prices bumped a little but not too extreme. In fact, I can't recall seeing Mopars in this shape advertised on Craig's List for these prices. Craig's List people are asking double  -- and more -- for cars that are nowhere near as nice as these mostly rust-free California cars! The 1962 Dart was a real steal in my opinion.

Here's a recap:

1963 Plymouth Fury Convertible
sold for:   $4,600.00

1962 Dodge Dart 440 2 door ht
Sold for: $ 4,100.00

1963 Dodge 330 Wagon
Sold for: $ 6,400.00

1965 Belevedere II
Sold for:   $4,600.00

1965 Plymouth Satellite
Sold for:   $4,000.00

Plus a couple "jump in and cruise" later year Mopars. I can't recall the last time I saw a 1972 Fury III. What a highway cruiser! Did I mention it is a 20,830 mile car? 

1972 Plymouth Fury III
Sold for:   $1,600.00

What's not to like about a 3 speed standard-floor shift V-8 A-body?

1974 Plymouth Duster
Sold for:   $2,250.00

Gary H.

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>  Unless prices explode at the last minute there are some great buys  
> other than just Mopars. I see several that would be nice cars to own.
>  Dennis C.
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>  > Not mine. Up for auction today in LA CA area.
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