RE: Welcome new member - 1962 Dodge 880
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RE: Welcome new member - 1962 Dodge 880

Yes I meant the 1961 Dodge front clip. Sorry for the late night boo-boo. LOL Did not all the 1961 Dodges have basically the same front clip, not just the Polara?

"Worth"in terms of money is always in the eye of the buyer, in my view. But "worth" for the owner brings in a whole lot of fun factors, like "dad owned one of these!" or "that was my first car I owned!" etc. 

I always liked 1962 Chryslers, so by association the 880's too. The dash on the 1962 Chrysler is a classic design. The 880's dash is a cool too (more '50s themed) , and another clever swap of parts to save money and distinguish the 880 from the Chrysler Corporation. shows more creative use of mix & match Chrysler Corporation parts.

Gary H.

>  -------Original Message-------
>  Hey hey hey. Whoa slow down there buddy
>  Our 62's Newport are not worthless. Worth less than the 300 yes but
>  screw those people. It's the same body and after a few engine mods and
>  little tweets it's a fantastic driver. Great looks and i think I was
>  the only 62 Newport at the Nats last year. So I say we have a great
>  car that rides great and has great styling. They should be jealous
>  they just don't know what they're missing
>  Lol
>  Jason
>  -------- Original message --------
>  From: Eric Sturgis  
>  I think you mean 1961 Dodge Polara front clip to the 1962 Newport's
>  body, and a 1961 Desoto/1961 Dodge Dart Dash. But it's not worth much
>  as Herb said. Low production number and being a rare car do not make
>  it valuable. A 1967 AMC Marlin was a rare car, and neat and ahead of
>  it's time. But it's still a slug that nobody really wants. Just like
>  my 1962 Newport. If it was a 300H it would be worth something....same
>  damn car but mine's worthless. :)
>  On Fri, Apr 24, 2015 at 8:58 PM, Gary H. 
>  wrote:
>  > The 1962 Dodge 880 was basically a 1962 Chrysler Newport with a
>  > 1961 Newport front clip. Yes the A-745 three-speed manual with a
>  > floor shift was a factory option. Factory build sheet and records
>  > from back then are spotty or missing, so how "rare" is not
>  > verifiable. Various sources even give different production numbers.
>  > One cites Custom 880 at 17,505. So if 10% were standard shifts,
>  > about 1700.
>  >
>  > Thanks,
>  > Gary H. 

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