Re: 440 oil leak
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Re: 440 oil leak

If it is coming out of the front of the transmission, it sounds like the rear main.  However, I once had a sneaky leak from the oil pressure swtich than ran down the back of the engine in a manner that was so unnoticeable it appeared to be the rear main.  Just sayin'

One note, though, if it is the rear main, oil pressure has little to do with the leak.  A rear main seal has crankcase pressure but not oil pump pressure.  I wouldn't fiddle with attempts to adjust oil pressure until you determine the root cause of the leak.

Good luck!


On Sunday, May 3, 2015 at 9:30:24 PM UTC-4, gto64gto wrote:

I m running a large mechanical auto meter gauge and amsoil 20-30 oil with
zinc. I used brake cleaner to clean everything. It appears to leak out the
front of transmission - not the oil pan.

On Mon, 04 May 2015 00:52:54 +0000
  "Gary H." <62to6...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Can you clean up the rear of the engine so that all traces of leaky
>oil are gone. Then run the engine and try to locate where the oil
>leak is starting from?
> Look at the oil sending unit for splits too.
> Unless the oil filer is cracked from excessive pressure the engine
>can handle it. But oil pressure usually drops when the oil heats up.
>70- 80 at both idle and 60 MPH seems abnormal. Can you verify the
>pressure readings with a mechanical oil gauge?  What weight oil is in
>the engine?
> Thanks,
> Gary H.


>>  -------Original Message-------
>>  I have a 440 that just broke a lose and started leaking oil at rear
>>  engine. I thought it was rear main seal leak and had it replaced.
>>  Mechanic said the old seal looked fine, had silicon(black). It held
>>  about 15 miles and broke a lose again. I bought this car in Little
>>  Rock, Drove it 50 miles on other side of Fort Worth and back to
>>  southeastern NC at 3000 RPM (70 MPH) and it only used 2 quarts of
>>  It shows 70- 80 lbs oil pressure at idle and at 60 MPH. I've never
>>  that much pressure on any motor I've had. Do you think it could be
>>  leaking at back of block at cam or lifter bore plugs and what do
>>  think about replacing oil pump with less pressure? If you think the
>>  pressure is too high, what oil pump do you recommend. This problem
>>  starting to get to be a real pain and expensive. Thanks.

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