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Re: Jerry got a 65 Monaco

65 Monaco, sounds like a fabulous find!  Post a couple of photos when you get a chance. 
Here in Missouri a work around is to tell them the car was abandoned on your property and you cant sell it or even scrap it with out a title.  They have a form called an IDOD, you and the police fill it out to verify it's VIN & it has not been reported stolen anywhere and a $250.00 what ever fee, + title, tax & personal property fees will get you a title.  Hell that's almost what I had into the car already.
I just went through that mess because my 60 Valiant originally from New Mexico had not been legally titled since 1970 when the first person bought it (Or the last person to title it) and took it to Nevada, and it had at least two or three more owners and a move to Arizona that I know of.  It had five sellers signatures on the back of the New Mexico title and Missouri told me I had to contact everyone on the title and have them properly title it in their names and be able to present a trail of paperwork back to Me to get a Missouri title.  I was sure I was going to get a well received response from each and every one of them, if they even are still alive.....NOT!  I contacted a lawyer and he wanted $2000.00 to get started.  I tried doing the process my self and the courts would not even talk to me and gave me an 800# to get a lawyer, WTF.  As I was walking out a lawyer stopped me and unofficially told me what to do as I conveyed above.  I have a clear & clean Missouri title in my name.  Another + at some point in time it was changed on the NM title to a Plymouth Valiant, Missouri was kind enough to put Chrysler as the Manufacturer like it should be.....sorry for being long winded!
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Date: 05/13/15 11:12:57
Subject: Jerry got a 65 Monaco
Hey Guys, Jerry here,
My 66 Plymouth Fury III Convertible Poly block, awaiting to be assembled, with all that Chrysler Power Poly parts, got me into this wonderful club, but now I feel more officially in-the-club with my recent purchase of a 65 2Dr HT Monaco complete with the 383. Has a few minor dents. I will like to replace the damaged Rt rear tail light assy. eventually. The car is white w/blue 2tonened bucket seats. The floor console goes all the way to the back seats. Cool! Electric powered seats, windows & AC. Don't know what works yet. Has an engine bay rats nest even in the carb, sad. Sat under a tree since about 1972, last yr. tagged, because the transmission was slipping. Odometer reads just over 29k miles. Hoping that’s not 129K. Blue dash pad has several cracks. What's that hole in the top of the dash between the gauges? Seats & side panels look good for their age, but worried about the delicacies & may just crumble if touched. Defiantly needs a new head liner.
I have one of those bore scope cameras to view inside the intake & cylinders. Hopefully I can record my findings. I have an oil pump prime shaft also. Y'All have some good advice on cranking up these engines, old &/or rebuilt that been seating for years? Also, I heard there is a company here that has 3 rebuilt Poly Blocks for sale, w/o the heads for $600.00. each. I don’t know the yrs. Or know if their worth it or snatching up. Any thoughts here?
I have to come up with some keys and a title. I hopefully my 66 ignition will power up the car to see what does work, just short of starting it. I was given some ideas to get a title. Y'All have some advice on getting a Texas title? This a Texas car. The 1972 plates are still on the car. The guy that I got the car from, said that the original owners have since past on. And the guy that he got the car from never had it titled in his name because of the transmission & parked it.
I'm still looking for ideas & how to's on the Poly to convert the two barrel carb. linkage to my New CP Intake w/625 Street Demon Carb. The old Poly engine is ready to pull out. It has at least one broken rod. I might make it a Stroker engine someday. My rebuilt Poly is getting all the CP Poly parts, TTI headers & Herb's mini starter upgrade.
Thanks Again for All The Support!
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Welcome to the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse to Scott.
Below is his introduction.
Gary H.
I've always been a fan of Mopar; it started as a child when my dad took me for ice cream in their  6 cyl 3 speed on the tree,  happen to be a Mopar show at that location. I was hooked. I now own a 65 coronet 6cyl 3spd.

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