1964 Sport Fury - Father-Son Project - Engine Starts after 25 Years
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1964 Sport Fury - Father-Son Project - Engine Starts after 25 Years

Hello Everyone!

I joined the group 3 years ago and have followed a good many of the threads.  Unlike many of you, I haven't owned 1960's vintage cars, and therefore do not have experience working on them.  The collective knowledge in the group is priceless and I’ve learned much.  Thanks to everyone for sharing your knowledge and especially to the group founders for having the foresight to preserve this information for future generations!

So, after 3 years of membership, its time for me to contribute to the group.  Here is the link to a youtube video I made recently documenting a big milestone in our project. Have a look and know, each of you, through your shared posts, can take some credit.  First Start Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VrUlzmM-AE

The backstory of our project is outlined in the video.  Here are a few key points about the project.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury
HP 383-4 B-Series (All numbers Matching)
Serial Number 3441196068
One family owner (Inherited)
Stored in basement for 25 years without being started
My Son’s short-term goal - make it drivable

Checklist of things we have done
Spark plugs - done
Plug Wires - done (MSD)
New Points or Pertronix upgrade - done (Pertronix)
Ballast Resister - done
Distributor Cap - done
Rotor button - done
Coil - done
Battery - done
Fuel tank and sending unit - done
Fuel pump - done
Clean-out fuel lines - done
Fuel filter - done
Carter 3611s Carburetor Rebuild - kit ordered and rebuild complete
Add Lucas Trans treatment to lubricate seals - done
Replace Thermostat - done
Turn engine over with Marvin Mystery Oil - Done
Start Engine - Initial start (5 sec) - done
Verify oil light goes out on initial start - done
New Tires - BFG Radial T/A RWL 225R14 - done
Wheel Rims - sand and repaint - done
Change oil/filter - done
By-pass heater core (in case the core leaks) - done
Clean radiator - not done (too many leaks)  Had to replace with new after market radiator
Have new keys made - Partial - Ignition key done.  Searching for trunk blanks

Checklist of things we need to do
Transmission reverse test - not done
Change gear oil in differential - not done
Replace light bulbs and flashers - not done
Transmission fluid/filter change - not done
Brakes - not done
Master Cylinder - not done
Brake booster - not done

My son and I are appreciative for any suggestions or tips to improve or checklist to insure this is a safe and reliable daily driver.  

In closing, thank you again for sharing your knowledge!

1964 Fury starts after 25 years

Best Regards,
AKA Breezerhead

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