Re: Update on my car and a Questions
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Re: Update on my car and a Questions

I suspect the new radiators are okay stored dry because they have not yet had H20 and rust from the engine circulate. I made the same mistake on radiator storage. This weekend I plan to rinse the one I have lying against the wall out with water then fill it with antifreeze for now. It may be too late, but I will find out eventually! 

Paint is mostly about prep. Good prep = good adhesion. POR has detailed prep requirements that if you do not follow exactly the POR will eventually peel off. Don't ask how I know. 

Gary H. 

>  -------Original Message-------
>  Hi Eric,
>  Aren't new radiators stored dry? Did you flush it out?
>  If you store your car inside I think a good prime and paint is all
>  that's required for the K member. You might consider Eastwoods'
>  internal frame coating to treat the inside also.
>  As long as you have the engine partially disassembled it would be easy
>  enough to open it up for inspection and reseal and paint it.
>  Mike LeFevre
>  On Thu, Jul 9, 2015 at 12:40 AM, Eric Sturgis  
>  wrote:
>  > Question first. I seem to remember reading that a radiator can not
>  > be stored empty or dry with out it falling apart. I've had mine out
>  > of my car and standing next to a wall in my garage for the past 3
>  > years....I think. So my question is have I screwed myself? There
>  > was nothing wrong with it before....or is it just a myth that a
>  > radiator will rot sitting empty.
>  >
>  > Next question.....I'm taking my motor off the sub frame so I can
>  > repaint the sub frame, put in all new bushings and all that, so
>  > should I por-15 it and then just use a spray can of semi gloss to
>  > protect it? Or should I just paint it and be done with it? 

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