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63 rear axle_what about on a 65 Monaco
"Jerry L Pullin Jr" <jerrypullinjr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: Apr 20 03:41PM -0500

Is my problem similar to yours regarding axle lengths being different on a 65 Monaco? I tried to put 275/60/15 (Mickey Thompson) 8.5 AR rims on it. I had to jack the car really high to get one side up ...more
furyus63@xxxxxxxxxxx: Apr 21 12:21AM

No Jerry your problem is not the same. After 1964 thrust blocks became universal for both non/SG & SG units. The drum to drum width of your '65 Monaco should be 61 3/4". ...more
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63 rear axle
Gary Futrell <gary.futrell@xxxxxxxxx>: Apr 20 12:51PM -0500

I've been reading the 62-65 website and old related group threads on the
early B axles. I've removed my rear axle on my 63 Sport Fury and replaced
the rear springs. I had planned to use an A body ...more
<robertkinker@xxxxxxx>: Apr 20 07:17PM

Find a 65 to 67 B body rear, drum to drum. These are the narrowest and you find about 1” per side difference (at least I did on my 64)
Bob Kinker
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furyus63@xxxxxxxxxxx: Apr 20 07:28PM

This is what I did on both my '63 Fury & '63 Sport Fury. Both had 741 non/SG units. I replaced both units with 742 SG units. To do this 1/16" was removed from the end of each axle, ...more
Jay <krodskie@xxxxxxxxx>: Apr 20 08:24PM

Nick, how are you, long time no see!
Jay Rod.65 Dodge Coronet 500.
On Wednesday, April 20, 2016 3:28 PM, "furyus63@xxxxxxxxxxx" <furyus63@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Gary, ...more
"Gary Pavlovich" <glpavlovich@xxxxxxx>: Apr 20 03:16PM -0700

Good info. Bob. I am using a 1966 Charger drum to drum rear on my Plymouth and it is at least 2” narrower than my OEM rearend.
Gary P.
From: robertkinker@xxxxxxx
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, ...more
Gary Futrell <gary.futrell@xxxxxxxxx>: Apr 20 05:32PM -0500

So you ground off a 1/16 inch on each axle, not machined, right, Nick ?
What I've got for measurements for each axle are; flange to flange, B body:
62-63 - 53 1/4 inches ; 65-67 - 54 1/4 inches; ...more
george smith <bt6t4@xxxxxxxxx>: Apr 20 10:48PM

I installed a 68 hemi dana in my 64 Polara and run 275/60R15's. Have about an inch clearance.
On Wed, 4/20/16, Gary Pavlovich ...more
Richard Kinsley <leroar.kinsley058@xxxxxxxxx>: Apr 20 06:12PM -0500

I have a 489 from a '70 GTX and it was about 1" narrower back plate to back
furyus63@xxxxxxxxxxx: Apr 21 12:10AM

Yes, ground off 1/16". This was marked off on each end, and on a large shop grinder with a fresh grinding stone for hard metal. The grinder had a large adjustable steady rest which was key to making ...more
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Jay Rod 65 Dodge
furyus63@xxxxxxxxxxx: Apr 20 11:35PM

Hello Jay,
Always here enjoying the 62-65 group. Hope to get the Fury out of storage this weekend and enjoy like some of our warm weather members.
Nick T.
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couple leads for sale items
chymar01@xxxxxxxxxxx: Apr 20 02:56AM

Would have been nice if he had put a price on them...
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From: "Gary Pavlovich" <glpavlovich@xxxxxxx>
To: "1962to1965mopars" <1962to1965mopars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ...more
Christopher Kroncke <g2c808@xxxxxxxxx>: Apr 19 08:06PM -0700

I called , he wants $2000
"Gary Pavlovich" <glpavlovich@xxxxxxx>: Apr 19 08:52PM -0700

A Max Wedge person could tell me but it if they are undamaged, complete, and in good shape...that sounds reasonable to me.
Gary P.
From: Christopher Kroncke
Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2016 8:06 ...more
Dodger7998@xxxxxxx: Apr 20 12:07AM -0400

if your a purist maybe, but I would not call them a bargain, your getting
in the price of aftermarket aluminum heads at 2k

In a message dated 4/19/2016 10:52:04 P.M. Central Daylight Time, ...more
Bill Parker <hemirr@xxxxxxxxx>: Apr 20 12:11AM -0400

"Gary Pavlovich" <glpavlovich@xxxxxxx>: Apr 19 09:15PM -0700

Yes, I agree that from a replacement standpoint they would not be a bargain. I was probably thinking nostalgic/original and if I had a genuine Max Wedge I would want the OEM heads. Wish I had ...more
<62-65-mail-list-club@xxxxxxxxxxx>: Apr 20 08:21AM -0500

I am changing the subject to revise the thread. We all probably have our young/dumb (I'll add "flat broke") stories that made us miss a Mopar deal.
That 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible was a ...more
"Gary Pavlovich" <glpavlovich@xxxxxxx>: Apr 20 07:51AM -0700

WOW Gary! I think the 1958 "300" is a timeless classic...a lot of "what
ifs" could set us in good stead right now.
Gary P.
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From: 62-65-mail-list-club@xxxxxxxxxxx ...more
"Paul L. http://1962to1965mopar.ornocar.org/ml-le" <pjlenn@xxxxxxxxx>: Apr 20 09:13AM -0700

I had the chance to buy a running 392 Hemi out of a late 50's Imperial in @
1969 for $20.00. Dumbass!!
Paul L.
On Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 11:02:20 AM UTC-5, 62-65-mail...@xxxxxxxxxxx ...more
george smith <bt6t4@xxxxxxxxx>: Apr 20 05:12PM

Mine wasn't so much a car as it was an engine.I was,of course,pretty broke also. had the opportunity to buy a Max Wedge engine for 400.00. Only thing missing were the air cleaners. I still think about ...more
Gary Futrell <gary.futrell@xxxxxxxxx>: Apr 20 12:38PM -0500

I've missed a few over the years. An older gentleman ( got to watch how I
say that, since I just turned 60 ) , had a large building in a rural area
full of late 50's and early 60's Mopars ( 'verts , ...more
"Hall, Ricky L" <ricky.l.hall@xxxxxxxxxx>: Apr 20 06:03PM

Have a coworker who’s Mom bought a new winged bird back when they had to sell so many at dealerships in order to race them. But she didn’t like the trunk access for grocery getting – so ...more
"Gary Pavlovich" <glpavlovich@xxxxxxx>: Apr 20 03:18PM -0700

I feel better now...nice to be in good company!
Gary P.
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From: 'george smith' via The 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2016 10:12 AM ...more
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My Car's New Trick
John Althaus <althausjbl@xxxxxxx>: Apr 19 09:03PM -0700

Bill, my Hemi with cross ram and Holley carbs gets fussy when it gets hot, I run a carter electric pump at the tank to help the mechanical when it starts to vapor lock , the carter flows fuel thru it ...more
John Althaus <althausjbl@xxxxxxx>: Apr 19 09:03PM -0700

Bill, my Hemi with cross ram and Holley carbs gets fussy when it gets hot, I run a carter electric pump at the tank to help the mechanical when it starts to vapor lock , the carter flows fuel thru it ...more
"Paul L. http://1962to1965mopar.ornocar.org/ml-le" <pjlenn@xxxxxxxxx>: Apr 20 06:12AM -0700

A couple possibilities come to mind. Most likely seems to me to be vapor
lock. Since underhood temps are going to rise after the car is turned off
and while driving in stop and go traffic. ...more
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