Re: My Car's New Trick
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Re: My Car's New Trick

We can still get 91 octane non-alcohol here in Iowa for maybe 50 - 60 cents more. If I've driven my car, the next day it will fire right up also.  If it's been sitting for maybe 30 minutes after driving it will crank for maybe 5 seconds tops before it fires.  Hope the non-alchohol continues to be available.

Paul L.

On Monday, April 18, 2016 at 7:27:30 PM UTC-5, TopBanana wrote:
So I got the Coronet all back together from dialing back the converter and the first couple of short drives went well. Trans temp never gets above 175-180 and the car is very snappy.

Now on to the it until warmed up, turn it off, and upon re-starting, it'll run for 30-45 seconds, then it dies. Crank it forever, stutter, repeat 6-7 times.........

When it finally fires, it's stumbling alot, then after it's running, it'll stumble some more while driving, as you are fighting to keep it running. After that, it's fine until you turn it off again. It also started the stumbling crap after sitting at a light for a few minutes yesterday.

When I got home tonight, I immediately popped the hood and my glass fuel filter was already empty.

The only thing I changed since last season was the power valve from a high-flow 6.5 to a standard flow 5.5. I haven't changed the idle, mixture screws, or anything on the carb.

My initial thoughts are the fuel pump took a dump so I'm picking up a new one tomorrow morning.

Carb is a QuickFuel 750 Slayer Series.

Any other thoughts

Bill M
65 Coronet 500 'vert
73 Dart Sport, 05 Ram 2500 CTD, 4WD, QC, LB, Laramie
21 Model T Depot Hack, 06 Mazda 3

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