Re: My Car's New Trick
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Re: My Car's New Trick

Gary & others,
Well most everyone knows CT. is not one of the top 10 places to live anymore. I am not surprised at the cost of this fuel since it's always been our normal. Back in 2002 when I bought my Fury Sunoco ethanol free gasoline was $8.00 at the pump for Sunoco at this same Fairfield station. What does surprise me is the low cost some of you have in other states. Here in CT. most of our fuel arrives by ship in the port of New Haven or Bridgeport. CT allows a destination charge from the port storage to the dealer, ie. mileage.
This morning I checked with Pure Fuel Gas Stations and they list 14 distributors of ethanol free gasoline. I checked each of the 14 stations and also learned that these gasoline also contains lead, which I did not know.
Happy Mother's Day fuel prices;
                                                                            Octane               Price per gal.
Berlin                 Shell                                         110                      9.99
Burlington          Sunoco                                      94  98  110         ?
Fairfield              Sunoco                                     94                       15.00
Farmington         Advanced Equip                       94                       ?
Haddam             Alan's Small Engine Service     95                       ?
Lakeville             Limerock Park                          93                       6.50
New Britain         Gallo Auto Sunoco                   98  110  112       ?
New Milford        RT Layton Co.                          112                     9.50
Old Saybrook     Saybrook Lawn & Power          94                       ?
Plainville             VP Racing                                102                     ?
Stamford             Sunoco                                     95                      16.00
Taftville               CB Fabrication                          95  102  112      ?
Windsor              Sunoco                                     110                     9.99
Woodstock         Tractor Supply                          94  98  115         ?
Living with our vintage cars and ethanol. Again I would like to see a conversion unit made with a reliable electric fuel pump to fit our 62-65 gas tanks making our cars as reliable as our daily drivers.
Nick T.

From: "Gary Pavlovich" <glpavlovich@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: My Car's New Trick

The price of that fuel seems beyond reason; have you asked the attendant if it is selling?  Octane degrades over time and I would think the fuel would not perform as advertised with RON/MON pump rating.
Gary P.
From: Bob
Sent: Saturday, May 07, 2016 12:46 PM
Subject: Re: My Car's New Trick

Mighty steep, but good ol' American capitalism at work!  Charge what the traffic will bear. 

Somebody must be buyin' it or the price would come down.



On 5/7/2016 10:53 AM, furyus63@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Last time I check was April 28th, still $15.00 per gal., 94 octane ethanol free Sunoco.
Nick T.

From: "Jason Rhoades" mailto:Jason@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: My Car's New Trick
HOLD THAT TRAIN UP RIGHT THERE.  $15.00 \gallon.  That's hi way freaking robbery cost me .10-.20 per gallon more at local station.  Are you next to a marina? ??  

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Subject: Re: My Car's New Trick

I would like to see someone come up with a modern electric fuel pump that would fit into out 62-65 fuel tanks as new cars have to deal with E10 fuel. Here in CT. my Sunoco station sells non-ethanol fuel at the pump, $15.00 per gallon.
Nick T.



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