Re: Drag Strip Failure Help Needed
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Re: Drag Strip Failure Help Needed


from what you are describing, it sounds like it is pump related.  before replacing, what is the amperage going to the pump?  low amperage will cause less torque which could explain the surging phenomenon.  make sure it is fused per instructions.  
check on your voltage at the pump.  low voltage will reduce the RPM of the pump motor.  
also, validate grounding.  

hope that helps,

On Jul 9, 2016, at 5:30 AM, Donald Gallimore <dongallimore@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I can’t make a good run at the strip. Symptom is surging from the almost from the time I leave the line and won’t run past 3-3,500 rpm or so. Fuel pressure drops from the recommended 6.5 to 3.5 psi. Engine will usually cut off down track like it’s out of fuel. I can eventually restart it. Sometimes it runs enough to get me off the track, again, at the reduced rpm, other times, it stalls out again and can’t be restarted till I get back to the pits. This engine and carb made 500 HP on an engine dyno and hasn’t been messed with since then.

I gone completely though the 3/8” fuel system from the pickup to the regulator. Was pumping 100 gph out of the pump, 80 gph just before the regulator and 45 gph at the carb – I upgraded the regulator as a result of that to no avail. I added filters 9 a 100 micron filter before the pump and a 40 micron before the regulator.

We did notice that the electric fuel regulator would take 30 seconds or so to get to full pressure or 6.5 psi and did it in spurts. The mechanical gauge on the regulator was very slow to react. Based on that, our guess at this time is that the Carter P4600 fuel pump is worn out. The fuel pump I don’t have a spare and I’m hesitant to throw money at the thing and buy another pump without some more rational reason.

We also think that the carb needs rebuilt/replaced. I have a 750cfm Edelbrock and an 850cfm AED Holley that we will try next time. 

Any ideas     ?
Akron Don Gallimore

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