Friday puzzlers 8-19-2016
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Friday puzzlers 8-19-2016

Happy Friday all,

Mostly took a look at 1965 Plymouth cars this week. 
With some overlap, below are 8 ads with things I found puzzling or made me smile. Plus 4 leads located along the search. Plus 1 up for auction on 8-27 that was also posted last week. 

My comments are between {} brackets; quotes from the ad are between [] brackets.

Gary H.


1965 Barracuda - $1250
["Car is shown primed, this is not rust!"] 

1965 Plymouth Belvedere   $22000
["This is not driver quality paint, it's cruise-in quality (5 footer) ; should not be your son or daughters first car.'"] {Also a lead. Soem ALL CAPS = YELLING}

1965 Plymouth Satellite - $12750
["If you can't talk to me on the phone or are currently 'out of the country', then this isn't the car for you. If your only method of payment is by PayPal, then this definitely isn't the car for you."] {Also a lead}

1965 Plymouth Stationwagon Hot Rod - $3200
["Scammers can go F#%? themselves so don't bother me."] {Also a lead}

1965 Plymouth Valiant Signet - $1500
{not really}

1965 Plymouth Belvedere II - $5150
["New: king pins,"] {Also a lead}

65 plymouth fury sport 383 comando complete 3200.00 b/o
["Ran & moved 4 years ago."]

1965 plymouth Barracuda - $2200
[" I own an upholstery shop and this is where you get a really good bargain. Upon purchase I will give you a free complete interior upholstery job on the front and back seats, door panels, rear wall panels and headliner. You chose the material and while your restoring the rest, I will take care of the upholstery."]

1965 Plymouth sport fury $800

1965 Plymouth Satellite Original Hi Performance 383 Commando 4 BBL - $24900

1965 Plymouth Belvedere 2 door hardtop 273 V8 new paint - $8000

1965 Plymouth Barracuda Tribute car - $14000
{273 under glass}

Repeat from last week
Auction 8-27-2016:

1962 Plymouth Valiant --  Aluminum block slant six with 3 speed manual on the column.

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