Friday puzzlers 9-30-2016
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Friday puzzlers 9-30-2016

Happy Friday all,

Mostly took a look at 1963 Dodge cars this week, but also found a 1964. More "leads" than "puzzlers" were online this week.
Below are 6 ads with things I found puzzling or made me smile. Plus 12 leads located along the search.  

My comments are between {} brackets; quotes from the ad are between [] brackets.

Gary H.

Wanting to barter my 1963 Dodge 440 for an Old Pick Up Truck
[Her name is Marilyn. I am the second owner and have had her for about 30 years now.]
1964 Dodge Polera 500 - $4500
["set of weld tires optional. "] 

NOS 1963 Plymouth Dodge Sono 8X Muffler 880 Custom Newport Hemi Mopar - $150

1963 Dodge A100 - Very Rare - $1200
["I have a diesel motor for an additional $3,750 that will work perfect for the Dodge."]

1963 Dodge palara - $5000

63 dodge polara 440 - $7850
{Polara 440}


1963 Dodge Dart 47k Actual Miles, Only 1 Owner, Slant 6 Motor, Automat - $1700 We hope it finds a new home with a Dodge person.

Dodge polara 63 2 dr. hardtop - $4250

1963 Dodge Polara 500 project car - $1700 obo

1963 Dodge Polara conv - $5000
{No photos}

1963 Dodge dart station wagon - $6500

1963 dodge polara conv. - $5700

Dodge 3/4 ton. Old forest service truck $400

Partial trade/payments - 1963 Dodge Polara 440 & 2008 Viper Project

Parting 1963 Dart

Parting 1963 Polara
[" If you have a wagon you can make yours a hardtop wagon with this car."] {No photos}

1963 Dodge 383 engine with Torqueflite transmission. Four-barrel carb. Approximately 40,000 miles. Best offer.
{No photos}

complete poly 318 engine. new (264/450) cam,lifters,timing chain manuel advance electronic distributer @ coil.Weiand aluminium 4 bbl. intake with 650 eledebrock carb $2800

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