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Re: [FWDLK] 64 Dodge 880 Front Hub


I have a set of hubs from my 64 Sport Fury but they are too far back in the shed to get to them easily today.  I can look and measure them tomorrow. 

I have what I think is a better solution but more money - go disc brakes.  There are a number of options from different companies that I am sure others on this site will have good suggestions.  The down side is cost the BIG advantage is in stopping power and switching to a dual  master cylinder for safety.

I am not suggesting any brand however I have the following and they both work well:

1964 Sport Fury from The Right Stuff Detailing
1963 Belevedre from Stainless Steel Brakes

I heard these also work well but no personal experience:

Dennis C.

On Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 5:17:35 PM UTC-7, Gary Pavlovich wrote:

I would direct you to the 1962-65 Mopar Mail List as we have many members
that I am sure could help you.]
Your question has been CC'd to the list and perhaps a knowledgeable list
member can direct you to the source for your part.

Gary Pavlovich

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I’m hoping someone on the list can point me in the right direction to locate
a front hub for my son’s 64 880.
These came from the factory with 11 x 2.5 brake drums pressed onto the wheel
We don’t need one with a drum per se, as they often have been removed from
the hub.

According to our machine shop, the bearing race has spun in our hub so we
can’t just install a new one.
The stud holes in our hub are elongated. This is why we got a machine shop
involved. The plan was to install oversize studs. The spun race threw us a

I believe these hubs are the same as 63-4 Chrysler. None of the yards around
us have much in the way of old cars anymore.

Dan Davids


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