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1961 Chrysler Newport
Author: 61ChryslerMan (Show all albums)

Pics of my 61 Newport and the journey to roadworthyness
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My wife joined me on a ride to the local lake. It was her first ride in it. She said she loved it. Finally it is running better. How long can we drive it before I have to put it up for the winter?

Can you guess which is the old and which is the new?

Here is the engine fix from a side view. I can't wait until the whole car is painted.

It's good to get my '61 back in the garage. She spent the whole summer away.

I got her back today! The brakes seem to be doing their thing and she runs real nice. I was doing 65 when the speedometer went clunk and dropped to zero. Who knew it was not all smiles and happiness?

Close to getting my baby back. The short list to fix is that the exhaust manifold has a stuck butterfly and the distributor is a bit worn out. The brakes pull hard to the right still even though the hoses were swapped out. A plan to free the butterfly, new distributor, and plans to keep attacking the brakes is in the wind. She starts so quickly and sounds so sweet! Can't wait for that first ride!!! Update - The new distributor is in and she is running great. She used to bog down but it is sweet high RPM music. Butterfly and brakes remain.

Here is a great engine, freshly rebuilt after an idiot who calls himself a mechanic installed the main seals backwards (for the prev owner) and almost caused the demise of the engine. I'd like to take it for a spin but something is missing... OK, a carb and something else is also needed to get this engine down the road.

Here is a great car but it's missing something.... hmmm... no wait! I'll think of it...

It's not too often you see 'em without the glass in 'em.

Mine clearly came with the little hubcaps. I plan to paint the wheels black at some point.

The seatcover looks pretty good.

My Maine plate is stark against all that white.
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