Re: [GFS] Gas Tank Advice
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Re: [GFS] Gas Tank Advice

Golden Fin Society -

I have always used Bill Hirsch sealer. I heard that the Por 15 sealer can
also come off in a sheet or like a big plastic bag.
         Paul Schmidt
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>Golden Fin Society -
>Regarding the gas tank.  Here is my experience and advice on it.
>When I started my restoration, I took my tank to the near by radiator
>and had it boiled out.  I then got a tank kit from Eastwood which was an
>interior coating and exterior zinc paint.  I did the restoration by the
>and put my tank in the attic for three years waiting for installation on
>car.  When I got it down for installation on the car I found that the
>interior coating had seperated in big sheets from the tank.  The tank
>continued to rust and the coating came loose.
>I then took it to Tank-Renu to clean up the mess and for about $300 they
>cleaned it and put a superior coating inside and out.  The exterior
>was black, but it holds paint well.  I therefore painted it with the
>zinc paint and it looks great and will last for a long long time.
>So far, I would recommend the Tank-Renu process.  Do not mess with the
>Ed Dea was able to have the exterior of this tank silver power coated,
>the shop I dealt with didn't understand what I wanted, so I went with the
>black rubberized coating and zinc paint.
>John Teske
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