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Hi GFSers,

The Second National Gathering is now history and what a fantastic weekend
was.  Though the rain clouds and rains loomed heavy over the entire
the past week, somehow, the rains stayed away when we needed them to!

A fantastic turnout as well:  Yours truly, John Paxos, Jim House and his
wife and children plus Dad, Roger, the proud owner of their Family's super
'56; Jim Woomer, Eddie & Rose Sachs, Dale McQuillin and his wife; Michael
Morris, Wayne Fletcher, Marvin & Julie Raguse, Bill McEntee, John & Cheryl
Zipp, Tom & Melody Mitchell and daughter, Melissa and friend Tara; and
Stragand of the Forward Look List.  Additionally we were joined by '57
Denny Spirk and his spouse from Pennsylvania; and picked up a potential
member - "the Screamer" - a '57 Fury Dragstrip driver at the Ypsilanti,
Michigan Dragstrip in the late '50s/early 60's (after passing Pasquali's
Italian Restaurant on Woodward Blvd and seeing all those Fury's parked, he
dropped his family off at a Social obligation and returned to track us
at the restaurant and tell us he wanted in to the group and to purchase
another '57 or '58!!).

The Courtyard at Marriott was fantastic, the dinner at Big Bucks
MicroBrewery Friday night was fantastic, the Walter P. Chryler Museum was
fantastic; the cruise to Woodward Blvd and dinner at Pasquales was
fantastic! - But most of all, the GFSers who attended were SUPER

A big thank you to all who attended; and special Thanks to Jim House who
orchestrated the dinners, and the cruise; to Tom Mitchell who once again,
provided the fantastic T-Shirts; to John Paxos who orchestrated the
wonderful and most gratefully appreciated "Appreciation" Plaque awarded to
me ( but a reflection on the dedication of ALL the GFSers who have made
happening possible); and a very special THANK YOU to Marv Raguse (my HERO)
who became my Pit Crew Chief in getting my 300 ready to return to Utah
I experienced a wheel bearing failure upon returning from the Museum -
believe me, Roger Penske & his Pit Crew has nothing on Marv's EXPERTISE.

Photo's, Details and all the happenings of Second National Gathering of
GFSers will be in our next Newsletter!!


Jack Lewis

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