[GFS] On the Road Again! (problems and Q's too)
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[GFS] On the Road Again! (problems and Q's too)

Friday, about 4:20PM, I finally got to drive my Fury for the first 

After beeing in the shop for 3 weeks (all my tools got ripped off, so 
I had to do the shop thing), getting new brakes, springs, shocks, 
exhaust, radiator re-cored, and tuned. 

My impressions with the shop are mixed - I had no brake lights, and 
discovrred the wires weren't even hooked up.  The hot lead was even 
bare, just hanging in the breeze sparking on stuff.  Also the coil 
ballast resistor was dangling and sparking. The car pulls to the 
right, and is now swueling on the right. Sloppy work there, not even 
to my own standards, and I was looking for a PROFESSIONAL JOB here. 
It will definatley be going back for them to make it right.  Make it 

The exhaust, radiator, etc. is all first-rate. Very clean, very 
precices work. 

The speedometer is spastic and squels madly.  I sorta fixed that on 
Saturday. Pulled the cable out of the shield and lubbed it up with 
motorcycle cable lube. It doesn't squel any more, but still wags a 

Still no idiot lights - another issue for the shop.  I was supposed 
to get back a totally functional car.

Driving it is AWESOME though! I can't beleive the looks, nods and 
thumbs up I recieve.  It's even more than on my Ural sidecar 

Power is ho-hum. Still got some gremlins to work out I guess.  I 
can't find new air filters anywhere!  I've got an old Fram filter 
with a number of SA-163PL, but all the shops tell me that doesn't 
exist!  yeah, that's why I got one in my hands right now, jerky! haha

And the threaded rods and wing-nute on the carbies dissapeared at 
some point, so I gots the bunge-chord special holding my air cleaners 

Genney isn't charging - haven't investigated that yet, but driving 
anyway on a "total-loss" basis.  I just can't help it!  I got an 
Optima in there, so it can take it anyway.

Now for the nitty gritty- it stopped shifting on me. Was doing fine - 
I think, then it stopped shifting up.  It still does R-N-D fine, but 
won't upshift at all. GRRRRR!  I know NOTHING about auto-trannies. 
This is the biggest bummer.

Also, with the car, I got a few sets of rims, and I can't determine 
what are the correct ones.  Whatever is on the car now isn't right, 
as the wheel covers don't fit.  I got 2 other sets, 14x5.5 and a 15x6 
set. Which ones are right? My tires are Firestone 14x8.0 BP's.  Are 
niether correct? Also having a hell of a time finding a shop that 
will mount tires w/inner tubes. (yes, I know the tires are tubeless, 
but I tube all my tires anyway.)

So, that's my story for now.  Guess I'll be back to polishing for 
now, till I can get the tranny woes sorted out.

Over and out!

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