Re: [GFS] '58 Fury Progress report
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Re: [GFS] '58 Fury Progress report

I got the exhaust from Classic Exhaust in Ga., worked out real good. Brake
shoes etc. should be available from a NAPA.
           Paul A. Schmidt
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Date: Wednesday, January 02, 2002 3:06 PM
Subject: [GFS] '58 Fury Progress report

>Hello, and Happy New Year fellow GFS'ers!
>Little progress has been made on the '58 since my last post, however
>there have been a few steps worth noting.
>I bit the bullet and had the caburetors professionally rebuilt. It
>cost me a pretty penny, but boy do they look sharp! The only thing is
>now they look almost TOO clean!
>I laid down a OSB sub-floor over my crappy excuse for concrete in the
>garage, over a plastic vapor barrier, and urethaned the s$%t out of
>it for a decent working surface to park it on. Thus, the Fury has
>been sitting outside while this was done.
>I didn't want to put the carbies back on until I had dropped the fuel
>tank and cleaned/sealed it, but I couldn't stand it being outside any
>loger. (my driveway is uphill, and I don't know enough big guys to
>push a Fury uphill!)  So, last night under the stars and in the 15
>degree air, I put'em back on, added some fresh gas with Instead-a-
>Lead and Sta-Bil, and cranked, and cranked, and primed, and
>cranked... well, you get the picture.
>Finally the beast came to life, with so much smoke I thought it was
>on fire.  I used the e-brake, and lots of upper-body muscle (no power
>steering pump yet), and got the mighty beast turned around and backed
>into it's new stall.
>At this point I'm seriously contemplating limping or towing the thing
>down to a hot-rod shop a few blocks away, giving them the parts it
>needs, and telling them "make it drive".  This is just to damm cold
>to be out working in! They're a really cool shop, and I need to have
>them tune those carbs for me anyway... hmmm
>Well, no matter what I decide, I still need a few parts, and am
>having trouble tracking them down.  If anyone can help, I need part
>numbers and suppliers for the following items:
>Shocks front & rear
>Brakes - shoes, cylinders, springs, etc. all around
>rear leaf springs
>where to get good exhaust goodies (mufflers, tailpipe, etc)
>Anything else I think I have covered.  Really doesn't need much else
>to get on teh road anyway.
>All help is appreciated!
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