Re: [GFS] carby adjustments
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Re: [GFS] carby adjustments

--- In goldenfin@xxxx, "Paul Schmalz" <sunkuda@xxxx> wrote:
> You will probably get a hundred answeres to this......move the 
linkage on
> the rear carb to the upper mounting hole, then open the rear one 
all of the
> way and adjust the linkage so that they are both open all of the 

Hi Paul,

thanks for the tip, however shortly after posting this last night I 
figured it out for myself.  I decided I wouldn't be able to sleep 
last night until I got this thing right, and went out and had another 
crack at it. Get this... I actually *read* the repair manual, and the 
answers were all right there!  Unbeleivable..  I may have to look 
more into this whole reading manuals thing..  *grin*

Now, I just have to figure out my charging problem...


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