[GFS] engine rebuild, '58 update
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[GFS] engine rebuild, '58 update

Hello all,

It's been a long time since I last posted. The situation with my '58 
Fury has yet again taken 1 step forward, two steps back.

After about 6 months in the repair shop getting the transmission 
rebuilt, I finally got it back - COVERED in oil, grease, gas, 
transmission fluids, etc. It was awful, and my mostly original paint 
is ruined. 

It seems to be shifting properly now though.

I got one lousy drive to work and back out of it, and on the way home 
it started smoking... and I mean SMOKING. BIG billowing, lingering 
blue oil smoke. It was awful and embarrasing. It was so bad, if 
stopped at a red light by the time it changed to green you literally 
could not see to the other side of the intersection. Did something 
break, or is the gunk in the motor just finally washing loose? 
Considering what came out of the crankcase on the first oil change, 
the latter would not surprise me.

Got it home, and after an adult beverage and calming down decided to 
start with a compression test.  these are the results: (rounded to 
nearest 5psi)

#1: 90psi
#2: 30psi and plug was WET with oil (before fresh plugs this one was 
black and cacked up with sludge too)
#3: 90psi
#4: 100psi
#5: 90psi
#6: 95psi
#7: 90psi
#8: 95psi

Yikes! I knew the motor was tired, but DAMN! This is a "dry" test... 
I did not bother with a wet test, since I know the valves are 
probably toast anyway... and if not I still need to get the heads 
done as it is. I just wanted to see what the heck was up. Looks like 
a broken ring or two in #2, and just plain wear in the rest.  As you 
know, this motor with the 10:1 compression ratio is supposed to have 
like 180psi right? Motor also has 98,000 miles, questionable service 
history. It also sat in storage for 29 years.

So, looks like I'm in the market for an engine rebuild. I don't want 
to end up getting screwed again like with the transmission, so does 
anyone happen to know if a place in the St. Louis area they can 
reccomend? Shipping would be too costly, yes? I will of course be 
able to remove and dismantle the engine myself as much as needs be, 
and re-install.

Depending on cost, I may opt for a few "go fast" mods but still keep 
it looking STOCK. (as if 300hp isn't enough already!)

So, any sage-like advice out there?

Thanks for listening,

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