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[GFS] Absence

Hello, I've not done to much in keeping up with everything in last couple
years. Fury has set in one spot for that long till Feb. Have been working
on the custom 57 some but not a lot. I added 800 sq. ft. to the house
instead. I have been working on the Fury steadly since then. It is running
now and all the body has been repaired except the trunk seal channel that
I"ve got to replace yet. If you remember this car was all but gone from
rust and I probally should have left it that way. I replaced the intire
except for the 2 rear quarters and some of the cowl.
	I need a couple parts yet that I have not been able to find and
wonder if
anyone knows a source for them. parts I need are:

1.  #1834-970 Cap- the little stainless elbow on the wide trim that
connects the side trim to the kick up piece that goes to the top of the
fin. I need 2 for the Fury and 2 For a conv. that I will start on next. I
have a friend that needs 2 also.

2.  #1689-906 Tail-Stop-Backup Lamp housing. It's the rubber piece that
tail light and back up light lenses go on to. Mine are all dried out and
cracked. Need 4 - 2 for fury and 2 for conv. eventually

3.	#1834-964-5 These are the 3 smaller stainless pieces that are 
	#1834-966-7 at the rear of the tail fin on the sides.
4.   I also need a front header cross piece for the convert. top. I have
  found all the other pieces except that one.

That's about all I haven't been able to find. Any help would greatly be
appreciated. Thanks, Jim Dooley

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