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Re: [GFS] Nov GFS Letter

Regarding your query about sources of panels. For my 57 Fury rear
quarters, I acquired patch panels
from a place called BLACK CAR NEAR MINNEAPOLIS, 952-922-9001, in Edina,
custserv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sadly I have nothing positive to say about
their panels. They required
extensive modification from my bodyman, Mike, to be of any use, and at one
point they were headed
for the trash bin. Rectification of their poor panels cost me an arm and a
leg, and a bunch of
headaches for Mike.
The other lead I have (but have no experience with) is BILL'S SPEED
S.W. NAVARRE, OHIO, 44662,PH 330-832-9403, FAX 330-832-2098.
2 DOOR, $25.55 EA.
A friend of mine got some NOS MoPar rockers off Ebay (with a MoPar tag
attached), and these were
also not 100% accurate. I ended up having some sills fabricated from
scratch for my Fury.
One piece of advise that I can offer, is that if your outer rocker is
rotted out, prepare to find a
lot of rust on the inner rocker area as well.
Sorry I cannot provide more useful leads. With the rate that these early
MoPars rusted out, you
would think that someone in the past 46 years would have come up with some
good repro patch
57 Fury.

William Lewis wrote:

> Hi GFSers,
> About two and half weeks to go before I start finalizing our GFS Letter
for November.  So this is a call for any ads you want placed, photos you
want to share, articles, dealer/vendor experiences, testimonials, etc.
Anyone have any experience with welding quarter or rocker panels into
their cars that they would like to share for the next issue?  Sources of
panels that were good experiences?  I had two inquiries from '58 owners
about this, and I also have started prepping my own '56 for rocker
replacement so if anyone can contribute, it would be most appreciated and
> Last issue we solicited the request for 2004 Nats suggestions.  So far
we have received the following:
> East - Ron and Wendy Swartley have volunteered to take on Carlisle again
- if not selected as the Nats for '04 would certainly make for a great
Regional.  The 2003 Nats were absolutely fantastic and we'll have more
photos for the next issue!
> Mid-West - GFSer John Mahaffey of Illinois has volunteered to help
organize a Nats that would see us welcomed at the 14th Annual Belvidere
Mopar Happening Show, July 17 & 18.  The show is held at the Boone County
Fairgrounds in Belvidere, IL (about 10 miles east of Rockford, IL).  One
of the biggest Illinois Mopar shows.  Will outline a lot of neat details
about this show in the coming GFS Letter.
> Mid-West - GFSer George Helmling suggests hooking up with the DeSoto
Club at their National Gathering August 11-14 at the Quaker Hilton in
Akron, OH.  George says we could share in the DeSoto Club's discount rate
of $80 per night - the Club also provides Security parking at this Hotel.
Lots of attractions to include renowned Kent State School of Fashion,
Chrysler stamping plant that George could get us into, etc.  Only drawback
at this point is a dedicated GFS organizer/host as George will not have
the time.
> No other Regions offered any suggestions, but they are certainly
welcomed before the next issue.  Would like to socialize the above
suggestions with the next issue and make a call for the membership to vote
on a choice.  I will include much more detail on the above suggestions,
and any new ones that come in.
> Another item - Ebay currently has a '58 Fury from Oklahoma up for bid.
Supposed to close in about 6 days.  Car looks to be genuine.  Original
engine is missing, currently has a 413 (originally a Golden Commando?)
that doesn't run.  Looks like a complete resto required, but car seems to
be complete.  Last I looked, bids were up to about $3500 (10 bids at that
point).  Anyone have personal knowledge of this one?  This car if genuine
would be an adder to our Registry!
> Best Regards,
> Jack Lewis
> Editor-GFS Letter
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