RE: [GFS] front body mounts
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RE: [GFS] front body mounts

Ed & Friends,
I went through the same exercise before I checked it out.  Also the 
connecting bolt that is treaded on both ends with widder portion on the 
bottom with a place to grip it with a wrench is quite often very rusty.
of mine had to be chiseled off and will  not be usable.  Fortunately my 
doner car has fairly decent ones and I will use them.  Maybe someone is 
reproducing these bolts.
I have a rough draft of what this assembly looks like if that would help 
you.  Its in storage at another location.  If I can figure out how to scan

it maybe I can email it to you.  If not I could mail it to you.  Best 
Wishes...Len Zimmerer

>From: eddee <eddee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>To: goldenfin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: [GFS] front body mounts
>Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 08:11:39 -0500
>Glenn and Leonard
>You had me curious as I was going to have my front 2 mounts on each side 
>replaced later this winter.
>I had looked underneath to see the front rubber almost totally 
>WRONG--I just rechecked,,,,,there is no rubber there.
>It appears origional (a lot of old crud)  but looks like no rubber at all

>either on the nut side or between the frame and body.
>I used a screw driver to do a little poking around.  The only thing not 
>metal that I can sense is some kind of very thin 'gasket' between the
>mount and the 'frame shim' (for lack of a better word)
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