Re: [GFS] 57 Fury paint sample needed
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Re: [GFS] 57 Fury paint sample needed

Thanks for the reply.
The paint suppliers down here are most unhelpful. They are from the school of store attendants who
always say "If you don't see it on the shelf then we don't have it."
I do have the 1957 Plymouth Colors paint chip chart. Bulletin No. 25 (Sheet 1)

Under ' "DUCO" Stock, Order and Code Number' is the code "2547".
Under that it says 246-90996 Sand Dune White.

Under "Combination and Part Number" it says AAA
Under that it says "and Int."
Under that it says (C-9105-E)

Under the actual paint chip sample it says " DUCO 2547"
Under that it says "DULUX 93-90996" and then after parentheses it says SAND DUNE WHITE.

Do you think that you would be able to enquire over there for me? I know exactly how they will treat
me if I call up from New Zealand and say that I am trying to find a paint formula for a 47 year old

Any help appreciated.
Thanks George!

George McKovich wrote:

> Glen....
> I am certain any dupont or PPG paint dealer can pull up the color
> formulation from the color codes off ditzler paint chips available all the
> time on Ebay. Or possibly some other fury owner will have the
> formulation.... It is not a disaster, just an inconvenience. If you don't
> find it that way then let me know and I may be able to help.
> George
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> Hi all.
> A tragedy has befallen me and my Fury, and I am hoping someone will be able
> to help me out. When I dissassembled my 57 Fury for restoration, and prior
> to acid dipping, I had my spraypainter come and take a color match off the
> car, from a location under the roofrail weatherstrip which had never been
> painted. My spraypainter has moved premises and in the move, you guessed it,
> he has lost my paint match samples. How am I going to get the correct color
> for a 1957 Plymouth Fury/Sand Dune White? He says that the original paint
> formulas are of no use, as some of the tinters are no longer used. The
> original paint chip charts are hopelessly unreliable due to differences in
> color from one chart to the next, the sample of paint on the chart is too
> small, and also the paint color sample is now 47 years old which can change
> the color too. While it may look correct to the eye, the color could be
> totally incorrect when applied to an entire car. I do not want to match to
> an already restored car, as I am then relying on someone else's
> interpretation of the color. What can I do? Anyone got a 1000 miles 57 Fury
> that they can send me their fuel filler door for a color match?  ...
> :-)
> There is a new device ("spectrometer" or something) apparently which you sit
> on a car and it analyzes the paint, but this would have to involve a very
> original unmolested car to be accurate. Any ideas anyone...? This is a real
> pickle-mine is the only 57 Fury in the country, so I have no avenues to
> pursue in this country. Any help appreciated. Glenn, 57 Fury, New Zealand.
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