Re: [GFS] 57 Fury paint sample needed
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Re: [GFS] 57 Fury paint sample needed

Glen, I did some checking with the place I get my paint done and here is
what we found. you can compare these with George's information for

PPG has a Ditzler Number of 80624
goes to a PPG Code of 80624, Code Tripple A, sand dune white
may come up as a commercial code of DT 1280

Dupont centari number 9022
The mixing formula for Lucite Laqure is as follows for a gallon mix

Tint# 450L  go to 4.0 on gallon scale
Tint# 453L  go to 96.0 on the gallon scale
      405L        306.0
      402L        1417.0
      465L        2602.7
      485L        3766.9

hope this helps and can be verified as correct. Later, Jim

At 04:26 PM 05/16/2004 +1200, you wrote:
>Hi all.
>A tragedy has befallen me and my Fury, and I am hoping someone will be
able to help me out.
>When I dissassembled my 57 Fury for restoration, and prior to acid
dipping, I had my spraypainter
>come and take a color match off the car, from a location under the
roofrail weatherstrip which had
>never been painted.
>My spraypainter has moved premises and in the move, you guessed it, he has
lost my paint match
>How am I going to get the correct color for a 1957 Plymouth Fury/Sand Dune
>He says that the original paint formulas are of no use, as some of the
tinters are no longer used.
>The original paint chip charts are hopelessly unreliable due to
differences in color from one chart
>to the next, the sample of paint on the chart is too small, and also the
paint color sample is now
>47 years old which can change the color too. While it may look correct to
the eye, the color could
>be totally incorrect when applied to an entire car.
>I do not want to match to an already restored car, as I am then relying on
someone else's
>interpretation of the color.
>What can I do?
>Anyone got a 1000 miles 57 Fury that they can send me their fuel filler
door for a color match?  ...
>There is a new device ("spectrometer" or something) apparently which you
sit on a car and it analyzes the paint, but this would
>have to involve a very original unmolested car to be accurate.
>Any ideas anyone...?
>This is a real pickle-mine is the only 57 Fury in the country, so I have
no avenues to pursue in
>this country.
>Any help appreciated.
>57 Fury,
>New Zealand.
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