[GFS] Odds n ends
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[GFS] Odds n ends

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Thank you Ed Dea & Dave Stragand for the great info.  Also, Ed, thanks for
the tips on dropping the motor in.  My front clip is off so I will
be going for the gusto.

What did you use for your hoist attach points(with the chain)?  Head
Intake Manifold bolts sans intake manifold or with?

Anyone have a source for the driveshaft boot?  Am changing out the
as well.  Don't know how critical the boot is, but the one on the shaft is
torn - just like they always seemed to be on my '56 Belvedere back in the
early '60s (tho never had a u-joint problem) - but if I have it out might
well do it right if I can find a boot.

Thanks again Guys!


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