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Re: [GFS] Disappointed

Golden Fin Society -

Hi Bill,
Sorry I missed all you folks, but absolutely weird weather hit us this
weekend.  Regarding the Nats, since you need an answer right away; and the
fact that I STILL HAVE ONLY two entries; I am going to cancel the
opportunity for a 2ND GFS NATS (for the year 2000 in Utah).  We are now
to less than two months before the NATs, with only two entries (besides
At three months before the NATs last year, we had eight entries.

In the meanwhile, Russ Nardi ('56 Fury Owner) is working on a GFS National
for the year 2001 at the Chrysler Historical Museum.  There has been
interest from the East Coast in holding a Nats there; and Russ has jumped
and gotten things going for 2001.  It will be a joint venture with the
Plymouth Owners Club, but looks to be a ton of fun, particulars will

I will forward this to the GFS List.

Jack Lewis
GFS-'56 Fury
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> Jack,
> So sorry you missed the SpringFling.  It was a great day and I had been
> looking forward to seeing you there.  Hopefully there will be a GFS meet
> June?  Do you have the final decision on that?  I need to know asap.  I
> tell you more about the Fling later, but since my buddy who is going to
> with me is here visiting right now, I was hoping to get an answer about
> Nat'l Meet.  Please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Bill Craffey

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