[GFS] Welders?
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[GFS] Welders?

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Hi GFSers,
It is about time that I teach myself how to weld.  But first I need to get
set-up.  Sears Craftsman, Eastwood, Northern Freight and Harbor catalogs
show neat varieties of MIG and Wire Feed welders and brands that include
Century, Lincoln Electric etc.

The wire feed welders look great from a price and ease of use perspective,
but will they do the job for us: trunk floor patches, rocker panels, etc?
Or do I have to go up to the pricier MIG welders.

They also show gauge capabilities such as 26 gauge to 1/4 inch steel, etc.
What is the gauge of the sheetmetal on our cars (I have no clue as to
relationships of gauge to sheetmetal thickness).

Also, a big thank you to the folks who attended Spring Fling and provided
writeups - sure wish I was there!

Jack Lewis

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