Re: [GFS] Welders?
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Re: [GFS] Welders?

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Regarding welding, I was fortunate that restoring my 56 did not require
welding and therefore cannot shead much light on what you would need.  
However, many years ago when I customized a 49 Chevy all by myself, I used
acetylene gas torch on sheet metal.  The only problem I had was on the
which warped badly.  To fix it, I just hammered it out and put more lead
it.  It must have weighed 100 pounds by the time I got done.  What can one

expect from a 17 year old kid???

I believe that the latest MIG welders should do well since you can vary
energy and wire size to fit the job.  A little trial and error would go a 
long way to perfection.  If I had needed welding and had the shop area, I 
would probably have bought a welder also.

My main problem now with my 56 is getting it back together so that
works the way it should.  After a complete engine rebuild and
installation, I 
had to pull the heads for more work.  The assembler had sandwiched steel
blast between the head and gasket on the left side so anti-freeze leaked
I filled the radiator. I talked to the builder who asked me to bring the 
heads back for pressure testing.  He had just developed the capability.
make a long story short, the heads leaked internally when 14 pounds of 
pressure were applied.  This was due to installation of hardened seats.
the heads were machined for the seats they broke through the water jacket.

Leaks were fixed with epoxy designed for the purpose.  I just got the
back together and it now holds a steady 7 pounds.  Had to buy a cooling 
system pressure tester.  Would suggest that all home restorers get one.

I also have a leaky transmission where the shift cable enters the case.
to find the correct rubber "O" ring to fix it.  Also dropped the
on my foot and broke the rotor and one spring clamp that holds the cap and

tach sender.  Rotor is an easy fix, but may have to improvise on the
Local ignition shops just laugh when I ask if they have any.  Hard to
that this small part is not readily available.  My foot is healing and 
does'nt hurt any more.

On the kick panels, they are black.  Ed Dea cut new ones, and I got new
from Gary Goers.  My rear shelf is packed away, but will have to dig it
soon, so will be able to tell you what it should look like.


John Teske

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