[GFS] Great Job!
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[GFS] Great Job!

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Hi GFSers,

Just got my Plymouth Bulletin in today and the theme for this issue is the
'56 Plymouth.  Chris Suminski did a great job of coordinating this effort
and the result was a larger issue by 8 pages!  And I hear there will be a
sequel.  GFSers were conspicuous by their contributions to this issue - a
big thank you to Wayne Cox, Effingham, IL; Cheryl Hummel, Rittman, OH; Tom
Van Beek, West Bend, WI; and Richard Main, Livermore, CA.  You folks were

In the article I submitted, they mentioned the picture of my old '56
Plymouth Belvedere, 2 dr hardtop (featured in the GFS newsletter) but
printed it.  They did print a photo I sent them of Bill Gillett's fine
that I took at SpringFling two years ago, but never credited him as owning
the car - probably because Chris's project ended up so massive.  A real
tribute to the '56 Plymouth, its owners, and its standing today.
nice, since you folks made sure the Fury was most PROMINENT in this issue.

In the meanwhile, West Coasters have the great opportunity of the 10th
Annual Chrysler Bay Area Fall Classic this coming weekend - a tribute to a
lot of hard work by GFSer Richard Main.  In a conversation with Richard
week, he was pleased that it looked like 8 or 9 Fury's were going to be in
attendance - a fantastic feat.  For any other West Coasters that were
debating on attending, do so!  Wish I could be there.  Also, I am
any articles on the show, as well as photos - let's share this event with
all GFSers.  I promise to return all photos, though any you can spare for
the Registry Binder (with VINs noted), will be gratefully appreciated.

In the meanwhile the weather is getting cooler (we even had rain, hail and
snow here in Utah last weekend); so looking forward to getting in to my
workshop (heretofore too darned hot, but does have an industrial heater)
the final stages of shoring up the body of my '56 with welding in a couple
of small patches in the trunk, new rockers each side, and a couple of
quarter patches on each side.  When that is done, a new wiring harness
in and the reassembly begins.  The rebuilt 303 sitting on its stand in its
resplendent silver and gold beauty is all the motivation I need for this


Jack Lewis
'56 Fury

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