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Re: [GFS] Great Job!

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<< GFSers were conspicuous by their contributions to this issue - a
 big thank you to Wayne Cox, Effingham, IL; Cheryl Hummel, Rittman, OH;
 Van Beek, West Bend, WI; and Richard Main, Livermore, CA.  You folks were
 great. >>
I agree with Jack, except that he should have put his name on the 
contributors list as well.  All the articles were fantastic, but the
on the '56 Fury were outstanding.  It's nice to know all the Fury owners 
contributing to the Plymouth Bulletin.  A local New Jersey guy, Nick 
Sperduto, also had a wrote a nice article on his '56 Savoy.  Thanks to all

the people who wrote those super articles and thanks to Jack Lewis for 
perpetuating the Gold Furys.
John Paxos

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