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Sorry, it should have been

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From: ken  <mailto:jblken-2@xxxxxxxxxxx> wilson 
To: Richard <mailto:56fury@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  
Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2000 9:12 AM
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All I got was an MSN home page "picture it" for creating a web picture  (I
haven't used MSN browser yet )but if the down load time, for this home
page, is typical - I may not want to use MSN  I tried it three times  -
its the longest browser pg. down load I ever experienced.   Thanks for the
try or what do I click to get to your pictures.   i tried a few tabs  but
need to sign up to MSN in order to have access. 

Ken Wilson 

Richard wrote: 

GFS/ers I put a few pictures up on: 

Richard Main


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