[GFS] Nats/SpringFling
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[GFS] Nats/SpringFling

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Hi GFSers!
By now, most of you should have the January issue of the newsletter.  Key
item is the announcement of our 2nd National Gathering in Auburn Hills,

Russ Nardi, formerly of Sterling Heights, MI has recently moved to the
greater Chicago area, but is still spearheading our effort.  Key item is
obtaining a commitment from folks so that he can obtain a firm arrangement
on discounts for the Museum tour; numbers of car entries, so we can
an area of the Museum parking lot for the show; and the folks who will
commit to staying at the selected host hotel to receive the discounted
Russ needs 10 rooms rented to obtain those rates.

For those who will attend please submit your Entry Forms to me by February
15.  For those who will attend but without a car entry, only the form is
required.  The $25 fee associated with the weekend is for those entering
cars.  This will enable us to have a fund for Dash Plaques, T-Shirts and
other treats.

To date the following have indicated attendence: Russ, Myself, Michael
Morris and Eddie Sachs.

I will keep the list posted on our progress.

Another show for the West Coasters (& travelers) is the Annual SpringFling
in Van Nuys, CA to be held on April 21 & 22.  We have had some nice
GFS gatherings at this show, and this year promises to be better than
Ed Dea, Bill Craffey & Bill Gillette, all of the SoCal area, should be
with their beautiful cars; and now that Richard Main has at least two of
'56 Fury's back on the road, he may make the trek, as well as perhaps Paul
Diane Schmalz and their '58 "Furyous", who have made the trip from the
Sacramento area in the past.

A go/no go Nats message is scheduled for the March issue of the newsletter
(& for those on the list, even earlier).  We also hope to have entry info
for SpringFling in that issue too.

Let me hear from you!  Go Golden Fins!!

Jack Lewis

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