[GFS] Nats/March Issue
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[GFS] Nats/March Issue

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Hi GFSers!

Our Nats are looking very favorable.  Today is the date Russ & I requested
for a cutoff date to determine whether we go forward with our 2nd Nats
Plans.  To date we have the following: Russ and myself; Bill McEntee, Ed
Sachs, Michael Morris, Garry Warthan, John Zipp, John Paxos, Dave
Dan Long, Bob Wells and Jim House and his Dad.  That counts up to 12;
a few are locals who will not need the Hotel.  But I think it is enough of
turnout to keep the ball rolling on our plans.

We hope to provide more info in the upcoming newsletter and to this list
Hotel tel no; addresses; directions to Museum, costs, etc.

Also, we will be using Feb 26 as a cutoff date for our March Newsletter so
get your brags, stories, ads, etc to me by then so your stuff will be

Best Regards,

Jack Lewis

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