[GFS] 57/56 bore
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[GFS] 57/56 bore

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In regards to the message below.  The '57 and '56 are different bores.
'57 has a 301 and 308 bore.

'56 is 303.

The '57 is .093 larger.  You could possibly bore the 303 to fit that
Bill Gillett, Bakersfield

It has been awhile since i've read anything about the 56 fury pistons and
i'm not familar with the 56 engines enough to know if these are the same
pistons. If I recall my lititure right the 57's advertised that they had
the 56 fury engine in them????? anyway i seen a set of "forged" 301
on ebay under the 57 ply category. they say forged not cast. would these
the same as what came in the 56 fury ?????? I gathered by the way everyone
was looking for them they are rare and didn't want them to go unnoticed.
Later, Jim

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