[GFS] What shape was Lezcano's car when you got it?
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[GFS] What shape was Lezcano's car when you got it?

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Lezcano's car was completely disassembled.  Thank God the engine/trans was
sparred.  But the rest was torn down more than I've ever had one taken.
broke and lost lots of the parts doing this.  A lot of little things are
missing, good thing I have a big collection of 56 Plymouth parts cars.
there was more than enough Fury specific things, e.g., three instrument
panels, two sets of gold, 4+ sets of stainless, 2 set of wheelcovers, 2
tachs (no senders),

When I first saw it, the completely stripped body was laying on the ground
in the weather next to a completely stripped frame.  The frame had been
sandblasted and epoxy-painted.  Repairs to the front quarter panels had
attempted/started, but not finished.  The body received further sheetmetal
damage laying around in the way of the bodyshop Rich manages.  (I've about
got all the sheetmetal repairs done now, used two full quarter panel patch

We had to go up one weekend and bolt the front and rear suspension to the
frame and lay the body back on top.  Then I could roll it onto my trailer.
The smaller parts were at Rich's home, squirreled away and tightly packed
a chicken coup in his backyard and a 100 yards up a hillside.  Only access
was on foot.  (Fortunately, Rich brought it all down and laid it in his
driveway for me to load later that night.) Took two nights.

The engine initially would not turn.  Rich denied it had sat outside any,
but I found some water inside the cylinders and the carb was corroded to
point of the throttles sticking.  I did get the motor loose, worked in a
of lube, and ran a compression check.  Seems the compression is 180 PSI in
most cylinders, so I think the motor was hot rodded to have over 12:1
compression ratio.  The #1 intake valve is slow to close.  On its own it
will close in 10 seconds.  So looks like I need to have a valve job done
the left head.

There is a three-speed Torqueflite on the motor.  Looks a little longer
the Powerflite at the rear motor mount.  Rich said the motor had to be
skewed in the frame to fit.  (This guy was nuts.)  The front engine mounts
were debonded for some reason, the metal plates that attach to the frame
nowhere to be found.

I'm going to revert back to the Powerflite.  Suits my tastes and at least
will mount in the chassis right.  I have a Fury Powerflite left over from
having converted one Fury to three-speed over drive.

On the 14 Furys that bit the dust, I have no information.  What I know is
that in at least one case, I have enough of a certain piece of 56 Fury
stainless that 14 cars had to have been stripped to garner this much.

Film at 11,


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> Hi Richard,
> What shape was Lezcano's car when you got it?  Also, your statement on
> Fury's that bit the dust - do you have VIN's, owners, cause of death?
> Shall I put your surplus info in the classified as "willing to trade" or
> willing to sell?
> Jack

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