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[GFS] Bore

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The '56 Fury motor was a high performance version of the Canadian 303 poly
block and its bore is 3.8125 (but a longer stroke than the regular
production 277cube poly - 3.3125 vs 277's 3.13).

In 1957 Plymouth used up the leftover '56 277 cube polys (mostly in early
Plaza's & Savoy's), while the mainstay '57 motor was the 301 cube poly
had a bore of 3.91 and the same stroke as the 277.

The 303 Fury motor grew to 318 for the '57 Fury (&optional in other
Plymouths) using the 3.90625 (or 3.91) bore and the same longer stroke as
the 303.

Hope that helps!

Jack Lewis

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