[GFS] Fw: Nats Info
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[GFS] Fw: Nats Info

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Hi GFSers,
Latest info for you.  More to come regarding the Museum when I finalize


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From: William Lewis <reatawhippets@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: John Paxos <a57Fury@xxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2001 5:35 PM
Subject: Nats Info

> Hi John,
> I made final arrangements with the Courtyard by Marriott in Auburn
> today.  I have to fax back the agreement and will do so tomorrow (I have
> old thermal paper fax, and the darn stuff is too flimsy to fax back so I
> have to get copies made).
> We have ten rooms blocked Thursday thru Saturday night and I also set up
> for Sunday night for those who will stay over and go onto the Plymouth
> Owners Meet or just want to stay another day.  The rate for each night
> $59 which seems reasonable, though $6 more than what we first thought
we did score a coup for those who want to stayover Sunday-originally they
were going for $100 plus, and we got for same low rate)
> I would set your reservations up sometime next week as the fax goes back
> a corporate sales team and then they get Auburn Hills involved.  I was
> by the Marriott Sales Manager, Tawnya Dysarz, that our contact at Auburn
> Hills will be Susan Brooks, who is the event coordinator for the Auburn
> Hills Courtyard.
> The Auburn Hills tel number is 248-373-4100 for reservations, and I'm
> we can use their National # as well and mention our group and that # is
> 1-800-321-2211.
> There are two airports in Detroit, but one is a light plane/commuter
> airport and it is called Detroit City Airport.  The major airport is
> Metro/Wayne Co Airport and it is on the southwest side of the metroplex
> about 30-35 miles from Auburn Hills which is about 20 miles north of
> downtown Detroit.  Directions from the airport: get to I-94 and go
> east/north until it bisects the I-75 and take I-75 North to exit 79.  Go
> left/west off the freeway onto University Drive a short distance and
> another left on Opdyke Rd - the Hotel is a short distance at 1296 Opdyke
> Road, Auburn Hills and it is only 2 miles from the museum.
> Hope that helps John.  I made my reservations today with the folks I was
> dealing with, arriving Thursday night May 31.  Michael Morris is already
> booked and I got him moved to the group rates.  He is staying Sunday,
> plan on heading out after breakfast.
> Any questions, let me know.  Now I am going to work on the Museum
> arrangements.
> Regards,
> Jack

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