[GFS] power brakes, standard shift combination in 56 Fury
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[GFS] power brakes, standard shift combination in 56 Fury

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OK, I found the answer to my question in the 55-56 Canadian Mopar Shop
The '56 Fury with power brakes and automatic transmission used the "new"
bellows type booster otherwise only used on C70-C73 Chryslers.  This
required a special brake pedal swing arm extension (trigger arm) that
triggered and received boost pedal force.   The leftward bends in the
brake pedal swing arm and some of the trigger structures would interfere
with the swing of the clutch pedal.
So, all '56 Plymouths with power brakes and manual shift used the older
type power brake unit from '55 Mopars in which the master cylinder was
mounted on the front of the shell-type booster unit.  That way, the brake
pedal swing arm could be the same as used in the non-power brakes.
Otherwise, all non-Fury '56 Plymouths with power brakes and automatic had
the piston type booster cylinder that mounted above the master cylinder on
the firewall.  Like the bellows type does.  The piston type also required
the trigger arm on the brake pedal arm.
'56 Plymouths with power brakes and automatic (Powerflite) transmissions
seem to be the most common configuration in surviving examples.  Standard
transmission is rare, overdrive is rarer, and power brakes with manual
transmissions seems to have no surviving examples.
The reason this matters to me is I'm going to throw every cool option I
can at the last '56 Fury I just acquired (Rich Lezcano's), e.g., air
conditioning, power windows, power seats, power brakes, power steering,
overdrive, 12" centerplane brakes all around, search tune 916HR radio,
Highway Hi-Fi, and dual four-barrels.  All these were really options on
the '56 Fury, but I've never seen most of them on any 56 Plymouth.  I
obtained the pieces I'll use from 55-56 Desotos and Chryslers.  (Same part
numbers Plymouth used.)
The body work (quarter panels) is finished now, so the bare body is ready
to paint.  Then its just a matter of finding where I put all the pieces
and bolting them together.
Richard Main

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