[GFS] 57 Fury question
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[GFS] 57 Fury question

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Hi all.
Hope everybody is warming up over there, as we chill down here for the
I need to know 2 things today for the continuing restoration of my 57
On my rear leaf springs, I have been told by a friend that my shortest
rear leaf-the lower one, has been cut short. Would it be possible for
somebody to measure their lowest leaf? To look at this will require
dirty knees and/or a dirty back, and a ruler...
Secondly, a question about the front grille valance outer panels, the
ones that sit just below the grille and disappear under the front bumper
on left and right and connect to the center lower grille panel at it's
top point. I have two of one sort and one of another sort. One version
has a reinforcement bracket under it to strengthen it, about half way
along it's width and running from front to back, while the other does
not. I suspect one may be off a 58.
To look at this will also require dirty knees and/or a dirty back!
Any help appreciated.
Glenn Barratt,
57 Fury.
Auckland, New Zealand.

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