[GFS] 2nd National Meet
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[GFS] 2nd National Meet

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Hi GFSers,

In two weeks, many of us will be in transit to our 2nd National gathering
GFSers in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  The dates for the event are June 1 -
3, 2001.  Some of us will be arriving Thursday afternoon/evening - can't
believe it is just about on top of us.

To recap items in the last (May) issue of the Newsletter:

Travelers will be staying at the Courtyard by Marriott in Auburn Hills
(about 30 miles north of downtown Detroit) which is near exit 79 on the
side of I-75.  We did have rooms blocked for GFSers with a discount, but
that expired on May 10 (perhaps fast talkers who haven't booked yet, can
wrangle that discount).

For those arriving Thursday evening, hopefully we can meet at the hotel
get together for some socializing and camraderie and perhaps develop plans
for daytime Friday.  Friday evening we will be working with (fairly local)
GFSer, Jim House, to get together for a group dinner.

On Saturday morning between 9 & 10 we will be gathering our cars into the
central parking area in front of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum which is
reserved for us.  At 10:30AM we are scheduled for a discounted, group tour
of the Museum.  The Museum is off exit 78 of the I-75, with signs pointing
the way the short distance to the Museum.  After the tour of the Museum,
will relax and enjoy our display of cars in the parking lot which will
be a "Show N Shine", and I am sure we will get a lot of attention from the
many, many visitors to the museum.  (we will also work up plans to include
lunch somewhere in this time frame).

Saturday evening, we are working on attending a local cruise (thankfully,
Jim House is scouting this out), and if none are available we will develop
our own, i.e., a nice drive-in, dinner, camraderie.  Sunday morning we
have our final, official gathering with a breakfast and then departure.
Some will be staying over, preparatory to later departure for the Plymouth
Owners Club National in Wisconsin the following weekend.

Dash Plaques will be given to those in attendence; Tom Mitchell, once
is providing our 2nd Nats T-Shirts (the 1st Nats shirts he did were
fantastic) for the very modest amount of $15 per.  Dave Stragand of the
Forward Look list will be there to join us and he will have for sale, some
of the new Die Cast models mentioned in our last newsletter.

For attendees who have pre-registered with me, I will have a Registry of
your year Fury to give to you.  Also the Registry binders for all three
years of our Golden Fins will accompany me.  I plan on bringing my cameras
and video, so we can get some souvenir shots of each of our cars in front
the Museum, and other event happenings.

Most of all, for the first time for many of us, we can match a name to a
face and really get to enjoy one another and our fabulous 1956-1957-1958
Fury's (am anticipating 10 of these fantastic cars will be there).

If anyone has any questions, feel free to email or call me!!

See you soon!


Jack Lewis

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