Re: [GFS] May Newsletter
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Re: [GFS] May Newsletter

Hi Dave,
Gee you have me concerned - did you get the March & May GFS newsletters?!
Both have the hotel we are staying at, maps to the area, with an informal
itinerary that will be more precise when we get there, but as follows:
group to dinner on Friday evening, Group Museum tour at 10:30 AM Saturday
(and we get a reserved parking area for the GFS in the center front for
display that day), a cruise nite/dinner Saturday evening and a Sunday
morning breakfast, then departure.  Hope that helps.  (Unfortunately, our
Hotel discount/blocked rooms deal expired on May 10 as noted in the
newsletter).  GFSers attending will get a dash plaque, and Tom Mitchell,
once again, took on the T-Shirt job and he will be selling our "2nd Nats
T-Shirts" for $15.  If they are half as good as the ones he did for the
Nats, they would still be categorized as FANTASTIC.

Also, a good idea to recap on the GFS list, will do that.  Also, feel free
to hype on Fwd Look as most of our gang is on that list (those on the
internet), and non-GFSers who are fairly close would be welcome to join up
with us.

Yes, bring those die casts - our May issue mentions the new die casts
out, but unfortunately went to press before I knew you would be selling
as well - as I told you in an earlier post.



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> Hi Jack,
> Do you have any information on the show you can put out on the GFS
> list?  (I may have missed it.)
> I'm specifically interested in an itinerary, directions, and recommended
> hotels for the weekend.
> I'll be bringing some diecasts and calendars for sale, and I'd like to
> advertise it a bit on the FWDLK list as well (with your permission).
> Thanks!
> -Dave

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